Product Assessment

AFS Logic Wall Product Assessment

BCA non-compliant product use is a liability for Engineers/Certifiers.

AFS Logic Wall’s BCA Compliance is based on the report by Unisearch, UNSW. The document AS3600 Durability Compliance Assessment of AFS Logic Wall explains why the Unisearch Report cannot be relied upon.

This engineering consulting firm has been advising their clients since the year 2000 on various occasions due to the concerns of fibre cement sheets delamination and air voids which we have encountered in a Sydney building in the year 2002. We wrote to AFS Logic Wall in 2004 as engineers due to our concerns. The AFS Logic Wall managements response received by us showed that they have not accepted or addressed our concerns. The latest findings (refer to photos presented in the below assessments) obliged us to inform other building professionals as part of our duty of care.