Our Offer

D+A offers a comprehensive range of services to clients across all phases of planning, design and execution:

Project Planning and Assessment

Project Planning & Assessment.

Feasibility Evaluation.

Assessment of project feasibility on the basis of economic, environmental and social benefit and impact (DIPNR, etc) for all development proposals.

Tender Evaluation.

Evaluation of competing tenders using Triple Bottom Line philosophy.

Development Planning.

Project master planning, site layout, etc.

Engineering and design

Structural & Civil Engineering & Design.

Concept & preliminary design.

Required for development applications and tender purposes.

Detailed Design, Drafting & Documentation for Construction Purposes.

Studies & Analyses.

Expert Witness/Testimony.

Land and Environmental Count, Commissions of Inquiry, etc.

Project Planning and Assessment

Project Management & Supervision.

Site Administration.

Set up and supervision of all site related operations.

Inspection & Reporting.

Pre and post construction inspections and reporting.

Commissioning & Maintenance.

Post construction commissioning of facilities and organisation of on-going facility maintenance.

Engineering and design

Quality Assurance.

Committed to achieving professional standards and a quality service.

Operates and maintains a Quality Management System based on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9002.